Country Coffee Mockup

Country Coffee

— Independent Project


Country Coffee was a project based on a daily logo challenge that I had signed up for. The logo of the day was "coffee shop", however I decided to go the extra mile and develop the logo into a full coffee package mockup. This logo is actually written in Arabic and was inspired by the rich, powerful flavours of Arabic coffee. The name literally translates to "My Country's Coffee."


The first step in designing any logo for me is to create a sketch on paper. This helps me visualize what I want my logo to look like and allows me to quickly start over or make changes when I need to.

After creating a sketch I'm happy with, I take a photo and bring the image into illustrator where I use it as a guide to create the vector logo. Once I have a sketch in Illustrator I use it as a background layer and begin the design process. This logo went through several iterations before I came up with a colour concept that I was happy with.

sketch sketch

Mock-Up Process

Once I had a logo, I used a mock-up template from Anthony Boyd Graphics. I used Photoshop's powerful editing tools to make the mock-up look how I wanted, and then placed the logos in the desired positions.

testimonial testimonial


Country Coffee allowed me to fully explore my creativity without limits. I was able to freely design a logo and create a professional mock-up, which taught me the importance of sketching, iterating and mock-up creation.



Creating a sketch on paper was the primary skill in developing this logo, as designing on the computer without prior brainstorming is a frustrating process.



As with most my projects, this logo underwent several iterations in terms of colour and text placement before reaching the finished stage.



A realistic mock-up was designed to bring the logo concept to life and this skill is necessary in order to show clients a concept before actually completing it.