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About Empire


— Independent Project


Empire was created and designed over a period of six months. It evolved with a comprehensive marketing plan, personas, wireframing, logo designs, style tiles and finally a website. Empire is a customizable hair care experience for curly haired men and women. It features a process to create a formula, sign up for a membership and join the company as a brand ambassador.



The first step in understanding what Empire is and who it was created for was to create a marketing plan. The marketing plan includes a SWOT analysis, personas and an action plan. It can be viewed here.

Empire was "Oh Curls" before it was Empire, but the name quickly evolved to a name that fits a luxurious and custom product. Shortly after renaming the brand, I was able to redesign a logo and create a style tile that matched the theme I was trying to create.


Site Map and Wireframe

The site map originally included a blog page, which I wanted to feature hair protection and tips for caring for curly haired children's hair. However, due to time constraints it was reduced to only feature a page for creating a formula, signing up for a membership, joining the company as a brand ambassador and an about section.

Empire Site Map


Because this project took six months to complete, it evolved a lot through multiple iterations. The most challenging part of this particular project was arranging the "Create A Formula" page in the simplest layout possible. This meant continously removing information in order to not overwhelm the viewer while finding ways to take them through the quiz with enough information. The left image is my first attempt at creating this page, the right is the final design. This step went from having three lines of content and 9 options to choose from, to one paragraph of content and 3 options to choose from. It was one of the may ways I simplified the quiz.

Create a Formula Process Create a Formula 2


This project engraved the significance of iteration in my mind and allowed me to take criticism without feeling like my work was being attacked. Using CSS, Javascript and extensive planning helped bring my proudest work to life.



This website went through multiple iterations from the name of the company and logo design to the visual and UX experience.



Since a marketing plan was created for this website, it helped me understand my users better and thus plan out content in a way they would understand.



Javascript was significantly used in this project to help the user take the quiz in a seamless manner.

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