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— Responsive Event Design


The purpose of this project was to create a responsive website. This was a project I began in October of 2018, and revisited in January to redesign and create as a responsive website. The event displayed is called the "National Designers Conference" and hosted in Toronto to bring designers of all fields together. It currently only features two pages - a home page and an event schedule.

Home Page


The image on the right is the original website design, but since this was a project I revisited three months after it was designed, the process was a bit simpler. I changed the theme of my website from bright and colourful to dark and modern, because it gave it a more professional and "techy" aesthetic.

Original Event Design


Planning the schedule was the easy part - laying it out in a scannable design was the challenge. The left image was the first design I created, and the right one was the iterative design. Other than the change of colours, the information was laid out to fit the whole page, which made it easily scannable because it was not being interrupted by the next day's schedule. Choosing a consistent font weight for titles also helped separate it as an important piece of information.

First Schedule Design Second Schedule Design


Coding this website to be responsive was just a matter of rearranging information to move when the browser reached a certain size.I know how important it is for websites to be responsive so I was worried it wouldn't look right, but it was certainly a lot simpler than I expected it to be. To demo this responsive website, click here and resize your browser.


Iteration was the primary step in this project, but responsive design was the biggest skill I aquired.



I took a design I'd already created and redesigned it with a completey different approach.


Responsive Design

A crucial step in this project was mastering media queries to make my website responsive.



Reorganizing the event titles, speaker names, time and location was important in the iterative process of this event website.

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