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Kawhi Me A River

— clothing design


The energy in the city of Toronto when the Toronto Raptors made it into the NBA finals in the early summer of 2019 was incredible. I decided to celebrate by designing a "Kawhi Me A River" shirt, which was a popular pun said by fans at the moment. This shirt was printed locally, and shipped within the Greater Toronto Area as well as across the United States.


The first step in designing this t-shirt was finding a reference photo, which in this case was from Kawhi's time on the San Antonio Spurs. He looked a bit upset, so I knew it would be the perfect reference for the "fake crying" facial expression I was aiming for.



I never get the initial design right the first time, so this project like all others went through several stages of iterations. I attempted it on several backgrounds and eventually stuck with red, white and black t-shirt colours.

redshirt redshirt redshirt

Packaging and Shipping

This t-shirt, along with several other basketball inspired t-shirts were sold on emandesigns.store, my online store. Once an order was placed I would fulfil and ship it through Canada Post. Within a few weeks of releasing this t-shirt I had over 50 orders.


This was my first attempt at clothing design and I was challenged in many ways by running an online store on my own. However, there were a lot of skills I acquired in the process that have made me readier than ever to take my online store to the next level.

instagram marketing


I depended heavily on social media marketing to spread the word about my online store, and I created Instagram and Facebook business accounts where I ran multiple marketing campaigns.


Time Management

Since I was running this whole operation on my own, from designing to printing to shipping and fulfilling, I developed crucial time management skills that allowed me to keep my customers happy and my stress levels low.


Customer Service

The most important part of business is providing exceptional customer service and maintaining customer satisfaction, and this was something I gained a deeper understanding of after launching these t-shirts.