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— Subscription Website Design


The purpose of this website was to create a subscription service for a specified audience - in this instance I chose young adults living in the city. The website features an alcohol subscription, where users can try two or four different types of alcohol per month based on their preferences.

Couple Drinking


The first step in creating a subscription service is to understand your target audience - but more specifically, create two user personas.


Persona A: Alice

Alice is a 19 year old second year student studying psychology at the University of Toronto. She works part-time as a waitress and is always looking for an excuse to party. Lately, she is trying to limit the amount of money she spends on alcohol and save up to buy a car. She isn’t having much luck though, as her tastes are quite expensive and she often ends up spending more than she can afford at clubs and bars. Alice is looking for an affordable, hassle-free way to purchase alcohol according to her preferences without going over her budget.

Persona B: Gregory

Gregory is a 27 year old insurance advisor with a bachelor’s degree in business. He recently landed a full-time job at Desjardins, and often works hours according to his client’s appointments. He has been in a committed relationship for four and a half years, and his girlfriend moved in with him 3 months ago. Gregory spends every week looking forward to Sunday afternoons, where he gets to enjoy several cold beers and watch football while his girlfriend catches up with her friends and some wine next door. However, he’s noticed the beer adding on a few extra pounds to his belly, and is looking to cut down on the sugary beverage. He’s interested in trying new types of alcohol but isn’t quite sure what he and his girlfriend will enjoy. He doesn’t want to take a shot and buy a random bottle only to end up disliking it, so he’s looking for a service that will cater to two similar tastebuds.

Responsible Drinking Advocate

One of the things that made my website different from other alcohol subscription services is the option to become a Responsible Drinking Advocate. This is a campaign where members host educational conferences about the dangers of alcohol and how to drink responsibly, in order to promote a non-indulgent and aware culture. The website features a form where prospects can submit an application if they're interested in becoming a RDA, and does not require them to be members of Symposium.



Learning to use CSS to create glowing effects on borders and button hover states as well as the use of a curved background photo was both challenging but satisfying. This was one of my first assignments I was able to code without making any changes to the design.



This website required planning skills to determine target market, price and promotional offers.



The information in this website had to be organized in as simply as possible so as to not confuse or overwhelm the viewers.



This website went through several stages of iteration to create a pleasing visual and UX experience.

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